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TennoCon 2022


Web & Mobile · UI/UX · Wireframing

Mobile version


TennoCon is Digital Extreme's biggest event of the year. Over 100,000 players tune into the day-long livestream. This is the time of year we announce the next game update, new characters, free swag, and other Warframe-specific content. Pre-Covid, the event was held in person in London, Ontario.


This year, there are around five different versions of the site. TennoCon is on July 16, 2022, and content gets added or removed depending on the date. Pre-event states include Twitch drop rewards and the schedule while day-of content puts the focus on watching the livestream. Once the event ends, there's a summary page to take its place.


By prioritizing the Twitch and Amazon Prime account connection feature, we're able to ease the burden on our web servers the day of the event. Players on the forums and elsewhere online are excited for the free items and news, so we've successfully built hype around the event.


  • Web Director – Havi S.
  • Logo – Gabe D.
  • Web Producer – Eleanor F.
  • Web Developer – Wei L.

Design Process

Since TennoCon is an annual event, we had past sites and content to guide us for the 2022 version. However, none of the branding or imagery was created yet. In order to prepare for getting in assets toward the end of the project, I started with a black and white lo-fi mockup.

In early July I put in the final content and assets, including key art that I edited to fit the page.

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